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Tuesday, April 20th, 2010
12:34 pm
Thursday, April 15th, 2010
12:20 pm
I have heard that Jews urinate and defecate, but I don't have any sources to back it up.
Sunday, March 28th, 2010
10:42 am

FOR EXAMPLE....A GAY man can and will be blocked up after he has GIVEN AWAY slices and slices of himself away to mutliple man or EVEN ONE man. There are many people out there who are blocked up with divisions of their father FROM BIRTH because their mother was having sex while she was pregnant and continued on even after the child was born. THESE connections will transfer to the child who is directly connected to the mother. IF THE MOTHER does not FREE herself of these connections with a man who is NOT her soulmate....and the CHILD cannot free him/ or herself using food because its not strong enough....THEN.....the child will be blocked up and can remain blocked up on into adulthood.

ALL OF my siblings were blocked up from birth and remained blocked up EXCEPT for me because FOOD ALONE was strong enough for me growing up and I SHOULD have fasted more often instead of just sometimes. HOWEVER for some people out there food alone is NOT ENOUGH growing up and even as young teens they need to be going through a process and CONSUMING more than food to FREE themselves of those connections.

TWO WOMEN can block eachother up or KEEP eachother blocked up IF they are fingering eachother.....and using their fingers like penises in the midst of a flame that IS NOT STRONG enough to free them of leeches. THAT means because these 2 women are NOT ON the same level and DO NOT have a strong sister flame between them.....THE NAUGHTINESS in their dealings would NOT BE STRONG or potent enough against those connections to break them. THESE ARE considered LESBIANS.....because they are using "naughtiness" for the purpose of EVIL instead of good. MEANING THAT they are KEEPING THEMSELVES BLOCKED UP. Usually these women ALREADY have MALE leeches or divisions of men stuck inside of them AND WILL use these divisions to keep other women or ONE woman blocked up.... THESE leeches or divisions of men in women CAN TRANSFER themselves through lesbian sex as well as gay men sex. THIS IS EVIL AND evil lust.....NOT "naughty love" or "sister flame". KNOW the difference!

So there are two different types of "naughty love" between women. THERE IS sister flames....which is of good....two women who are using the sister flame or "naughty love between them to BREAK connections and FREE THEMSELVES. VERSES.....LESBIANS....WHO ARE women who don't have a strong sister flame....JUST COLD evil lust thats ONLY MAKING connections instead of BREAKING them and keeping themselves BLOCKED UP! THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

I NEVER needed or used a sister flame. I "rode" my OWN naughty love component (only when it was necessary...sometimes) along with food, alcohol and smoking to complete my process. I NO LONGER DO THIS OR NEED TO....REACHED a point beyond that...that is a PAST thing I had to use.....PAST....NOT CURRENT!! I DO NOT OR DID NOT masturbate or play with myself..don't get it twisted!!
Thursday, March 25th, 2010
7:23 pm
Thursday, February 18th, 2010
2:18 pm
Omg this sux i got punished big time an need hlp plz!?
last nite i got in big truble cuz my mom and dad caught me for tryin to get hi on painpills. i took like TWO FREAKIN tylenol an my friend took two aleve. dont worry we r not crazy an we didnt take two at ONE time lol thats alot! it was pretty cool but my dad culd tell we was hi an all when he got home an said i was an idiot an punished me from playing WoW aka World of Warcraft. i asked a question too too see if any1 new how to get rid of it last nite so they wouldnt no but it was too late b4 i got an answer an all. u can see my question if u wanna no the hole story click my name and it shuld show it. it culd have been an awesome new yrz but NOPE! :( y me!? but now it got worse!!!!!

but now i dont no wut to do an all cuz WoW is the only cool game to play rilly an school sux duh! XD i have like two or three gfs cant remember how many rite now but 1 of them plays WoW too so thats how we spend time together an all. MUTHA FRICK!!!!!!!!1!! this is ruinin my life man! is there any way to unlock the parent controls so i can open WoW or to make my dad unpunish me cuz this SUX!!!!!!! man i hate my life! cant have fun no matter what these days!

plus wut am i gonna tell my g/f since i cnt get on WoW to chat w her an all? i think we r seriously n luv and its gonna ruin it all i hate my dad! it makes me wanna punch him in the face omg hes so fat too!!! i no thats mean but its true and hes mean to me like this and wont even let me go to parties at other kids house like WTF!!!! im 14 not a FREAKIN BABY!
Saturday, February 13th, 2010
4:38 pm
It's podding and mash days!!???
Rest not, for yet those of good faith and bounty must find all ye marred ergot in ye wastrels! Goodnight!
Friday, February 5th, 2010
12:22 pm
Of Jewish history dates back to Latvia for the first Jewish colony established Piltene in 1571. Jews contributed to the development of Latvia and the Northern War (1700-1721), which decimated the population Latvia. The Jewish community of restored 18th century itself, mainly through the influx of Prussia, and came to play a key role in the economic life of Latvia.

According to independent Latvia, Jews established a political party and participated in the parliament. The Jewish community flourished. Jewish parents have the right to send their children to school, using Hebrew as the language of instruction as part of a major network for ethnic minorities.

World War II ended and the role of the Jewish community. Stalin, the Jews, who accounted for only 5% of the population accounted for 12% of the deportees. The shad, compared with the Holocaust, which killed 90% of Jews in Latvia's population.

Today the Jewish community traces its roots to survivors of the Holocaust, Jews who had fled to escape the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union and later returned, and Jews have recently immigrated to Latvia from the Soviet Union. Latvian Jewish community today is a small but active.
Sunday, January 31st, 2010
6:08 pm
Põhjapõder sul ei
Goes nime järgi
Et nördimust, ole täidetud
Alates mai kuid
Ta kannab midagi kapoti

01:03 606 - PP-79
06:43 606 - PP-79 (remix)
Thursday, January 28th, 2010
12:58 am
The president speaked on the teev. What sayed he about the union busters?
Tuesday, January 26th, 2010
9:03 pm
"Bank Panic!", Chapter 1
Read more...Collapse )

Stay tuned for another exciting chapter of "Bank Panic!"
Monday, January 25th, 2010
2:41 pm
Sunday, January 24th, 2010
10:45 pm

no ponies today. kthx.
4:00 am
Pontoon boat for sale:

swiztaland an then catch another plane 2 vienna, ok no probs i thought, little later on im sat on the plane waitin 4 it to take off, then da captian gets on da mic an sayin were goin 2 b delayed on da tarmac 4 40mins. ok cool no bother ican deal wit dat. got 2 switzalnd, run 2 da next plane cause of da delay , get on da plane . than all da lights goes out, the next captain comes on da mic, "erm sorry about this something wrong with the electrics goin 2 have 2 get technicain up to the cockpit, shouldnt be long only 40mins" oh bolloxs not again, get 2 austria at 00:30 3 hours late, then wait 4 my records, they turn up, ok sigh of relief , then i touch da bag an its soaking wet , some donut left it on da runway , all way sleeves r ruined.. SWISS AIR SUCKS DICK... 2 delays on 2 planes . then they put my records in fragile, an they come back like they put them in a waterfall... ok so now im pissed get out da airport turn 2 da driver an ask him how long 2 da club he's like "1 hour" which isnt da bad but cause of da jounery im

Please dial 03 for info.

Good days?
Saturday, January 23rd, 2010
6:39 pm
Stedionā Sketītājiam
Spīdume Revindre Jedaje un Sechin Tandulker, indijā turpināje uzverēt spēli un rede virkni 2-1 Cutteck, indije teged plāno uzverēt sērijes adan dārzi Crickat Makā.

Pēc sākume lidot Therenge etbelste Dilshen un Sengekkere pārējo betsman sebruke uz spin of Jedaje, Sahweg un Herbhejen. er mezu mērķi, lei sesniagtu šo mērķi, indije vaice Sechin Tandulker ir 96 er saptiņām pārskeitījumiam razarvas deļes. Teged ecis griaztias adan Gerdans.

Pēc eptuvani 34 mēnašu Colisaum rīko spēla circanis oDi jo problēme sterp kebīni un BCCi.

Ebes komendes sesniadze Kelkute otrdian er komendu trūkstošo indijes Ceptein Dhoni Mr Kool un Princa, yuvrej Singh ir piaņamšenes vei mirt per selu. Lialākā deļe no vatarānu etgriašenos rakordlials Jeyesuriye ir šāde soļe.

Lenken komendes vejedzīges dežes izmeiņes, un vetalīns kārtībā. Keut Dilshen, Therenge un Sengekkere ir lebākās, pārējo delībniaku bije redīt zeudējumu pēdējā spēlē.

Keut boulinge tiašām ver iarobažot indije 414, 301 un 242. Indijes betsman ir gelvanā forme. Tikmēr spinnars ir lebs, bat pet Zehaar un Nahre, ishent trašeis matējs petaikt ļoti slikti pēdējā spēlē. Un akonomikes Prevaan Kumer, kes pirmejos divos oDis bije epmērem 6, bat bije zamāks gen spēlas vārtiņiam. Jums tiks sevākti vei Sudaap Tyegi indije turpinās ishent.

Essocietion of Bangel je egri vārtiņi etrodes. Viret Kohl tiks eizstātes viņe prombūtnas leikā.

Tes ir sverīgi ettiacībā uz indiju erī, lei uzverētu spēli un turpināt to win sērijes. Sahweg ļoti sverīgi, lei sejeuktu sevu bowlars, ļoti lebe nūje un keptainis komendes lebi.

Etzīmēti er 4. ODI, krikatu, indie, 4th oDi praviaw, sengekkere, sahweg, Sri Lenke. Nev pārdošenā biļatas Kolkete ODI baz piazīmēm.

Fialding uzlebo ikdianes er indijes viadokļe. Baz yuvrej indije zeudēs piaradzi Krikats (CEB) verētu izreisīt zudumus līdz RS. Crora no durvīm pārdošenes nabūs viane cane biļata leikā caturtejā oDi rīt.

Pēc eptuvani 34 mēnašu "Mekehe of Crickat" vei ko peresti dēvē per Ēdanas dārzu uzņamt ODI iaguve viņe iavārījums iapekotes stedionā. Avarybody in Kolkete plāno dotias un radzēt "Bat diamžēl," lei šejā stedionā sketītājiam nev biļatas. As naasmu joking tā raāli.

"Sevākšene no mūsu nemdurvīm crora būtu pelialinājias bije pilne māje. Un peresti, mēs pilnu māju oDis et adan. Turklāt adan kļūst oDi pēc veirāk nakā 34 mēnašus , sketītāju intarasas, būtu tā lebākā, "taice" evots CEB.

Colisaum's krikate notike no ODI baigās sterp selām proti Lenken un vīriašu zilā krāsā 8,2007 fabruārī, bat, diamžēl, spēla tike mezgāti. Ted notike indijes un Pekistānes tastu 2007.gede novambrī.

Krikats Bangel (CEB) essocietion verētu izreisīt zudumus līdz crora pārdot durvīm er vianu biļati būs canes.

Leikā caturteis indije, Šrilenke ona-deyar et adan Gerdans.

konko dai! pe vai
Friday, January 22nd, 2010
7:40 pm
606 - And Peon
New album "And Peon" from 606.

Right-click "Save Target As..." to save tracks or full album.

01. 01:00 "Shemie Chaise"
02. 02:17 Legal and Installation"
03. 03:07 "Masonry Filler"
04. 01:54 "Iranian Brains"
05. 01:49 Colorblind Doug"
06. 02:52 "The Cub Is My Son"
07. 01:00 "Jersey Shore"
08. 02:19 "Sanities Turn"
09. 04:10 "Hist Crawler of Fortu"
10. 02:16 "Cagy"
11. 02:01 "Fort Pillow"
12. 10:21 "Nestling's Loop"
13. 06:49 "Motorkaide"

tt. 41:55
12:55 pm
Saturday wubI wanted to see your face but I wub don't know what I would swubay w/oo your helwubp. Of Fortune And Peacelings! Aye!

Partisanship found me. And I stayed until the doves came home. Goodnight to all and have a leasance of days.
11:47 am
Thursday, January 21st, 2010
3:27 pm

2:59 pm
NON 7"
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2:39 pm
More than 6 months extension of is called, friends, fellow activists, and everyone believes individual freedom and government records, we do to overcome. Some worry about the general state of mind you and I, perhaps like reason. However, it seems that I can be denied, United States actual of means the problem is an anti-government rebellion is not a precedent for Class Declaration in the previous year of class, Independent. Consider the results of selection reported to the Senate of modern sign in 1776, Massachusetts, and Concord - hitting political feel, this round of talks World Tour. Republic seat and clear to overcome race, the remaining radical program of economic democracy.

According to The New York Times that recently paid: Mr. Brown is directly aimed at the implementation of attention, at the foot, Mr. Coakley. Brown debt will reduce the guarantee democracy Obama giving medical assistance to the nerve will be resolved to improve investigation. "What this report that Senator Kennedy - As a Republican is not competition, Jason," he said: Ami, a former member of Congress, Class 1 accounts organizations behavior, Mr. Brown. "The reason is respect." This is your network to reject the party's authority and attempt to compete with their democracy, we have also set up medical treatment.

The song is is the long-term stone collective creation of political backbone in Washington with the irrefutable fact that the principles set forth by the Government and there is no tax obligation precedent for voters in the United States political position. In February l annual production, and start all events in an object-Government activities of order to encourage financial irresponsability article; Obama a free government. 15 April the new July 4th has been increased up to hundreds of thousands of people money to the federal government to spend any. Taxpayers in Washington this month to more than 12 million people.

WASHINGTON - This indicates that the social and political muscle to defer, but I can not. 'Today, "Tea Party", which is the basis of political influence is very large - the principle motive formation of political factions in the center of our policy in the United States. So, finally, after so much of my latest, Obamacare overcome all first? We have speed like that, he said, citizens and state civil officials and the House of Representatives Nancy Poilus Bianca. According to article; involvement in the evening; Obama administration would double the calendar, a serious danger to pay tribute. 51 electors as a voice for peace will work to bring out the switch? Do not sit in the Senate Freiner Scott Brown? Does space to attract legal and approved by the Senate?

All these options, the adoption directly. Therefore, to think the same strength recorded by the Terminator Obamacare; medical assistance, the United States, or to think. When he really thought that these people were killed and the screw ashes commune made in class in August, the future is canceled. We have destroyed 12 feet, handling and even the House of Representatives and Senate. It arrived at when to go around the district of Sarawak, red-eye Dell performance; Santee and the government. We can use it, but we need your help.

Countries need your help. This is far and ban, but this time we can do is worth all the grief, if we have all formed part of us. Night Flower, Massachusetts, carrying part of litigation, history. Today, we need to end all state and our good, I yield before the termination of all running on Obamacare. Thanks to their efforts; political system can not be rejected for in order to activate liberally, and create a foundation. Finally, your help is important to ensure that the Blue Dogs, "Democracy and the room and I oscillation in the Senate, part of the democratic countries, on the other hand Obamacare.
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